Property Management System for Town Halls, Government Contract, Romania

Occupation: Main Software Developer

Aug 2015 - March 2016

Centralized database-driven management of the land, landowners, what is planted in the fields, headcount of animals, and taxes. The main idea is, to replace huge paper registers with a digital software medium, easy to search, update, maintain and print information from.

Codeigniter | Bootstrap | PHP | HTML | CSS | MySQL | Database Design

Backorder System for Car Part Store Chain, South Africa (Part 2)

Occupation: Main Software Developer | Application Design

February 2015

Resurrected the old 2007 platform with newer technologies, preserving full functionality of the old system, and linking the new one with the existing part management software, being able to automatically upload new stock exports and match backorder requests for sending out email & SMS notifications

Application design | Codeigniter | PHP | HTML | CSS | MySQL | Database Design

In-House CNC Milling Machines Maintenance System, Romania

Occupation: Main Software Developer | Application Design

March 2015

An in-house schedule system for maintenance of milling machinery within an Italian metal processing – milling, routering, cnc, etc. The system allows the maintenance crew to fill in the reports using a tablet within the factory, and when the reports are signed by a supervizor, a PDF report is emailed to the owner. Designed and built from scratch – from database planning, html design, to release.

Application Design | Database Design | PHP | MySQL | HTML | CSS | Javascript | Codeigniter | Blade.php template integration | API | PDF Generation

Geolocation & POI Location Software, Worldwide Organisation

Occupation: Main Software Developer, Project manager for the mobile teams (iOS & Android)

Nov 2014 - Mar 2015

Application for a select group of people who can update their location on the map, choose when and what contact details to share, and when they can be contacted – used Google Maps API, dynamic markers and custom javascript code for the location. Users could update their location and info, view POIs and contact other users, who had privacy settings that allowed contact. Mobile-friendly, + APK and iOS wrapper apps for the customers, to install on their mobile phones.
Used Bootstrap 3, Laravel 5 and Google Maps API

Application Design | Bootstrap 3 | Laravel 5 | Google Maps API | PHP | MySQL | HTML | CSS | jQuery | Javascript | Project Management

PavementLayers – Paving Industry SaaS CRM Software, USA Market

Occupation: Lead Software Developer | Project Manager | Member of the UX Team | Part of the decision making

April 2011 - August 2015

The software manages a company’s complete workflow from managing leads to prospects, clients and creating nice, PDF format bids that can be sent out, tracked and customized to cater a specific client’s needs, winning them work in the pavement industry. I have worked alone the first 3 years, managing to deliver quality code despite some crazy deadlines. I was involved in the overall design of the software, database, API creation, and management of parallel development of an iOS side app in charge of aerial measurements, sending data through the API created. During the 4+ years together, I have upgraded and constantly developed new modules or features, satisfying client needs and requirements.

App Development | PHP | MySQL | Application Design | Codeigniter | Project Manager | Lead Developer | Geolocation APIs | API Development | Javascript | jQuery | HTML | Payment Gateways | Customer Support | Server Management & Configuration | Design & Strategy involvement | Git | PDF Generation

ProSiteAudit – Parking lot & Pavement assessment tool, USA Market

Occupation: Software Developer

December 2014 - August 2015

Software used for dynamically drawing affected areas or adding markers to indicate problem zones in commercial areas, such as pavements or parking zones, aimed to assess multiple properties to the same owner, in order to fix the most problematic ones in order to avoid getting sued for damage/injuries caused by potholes, damaged paving, curbs, etc.

App Development | PHP | MySQL | Application Design | Laravel 5 | Project Manager | Lead Developer | Mapping layer built on top of google maps | API Development | Javascript | jQuery | HTML | Server Management & Configuration | Git

WheelItOff – Aerial measuring tool implementation within Pavement Layers, USA Market

Occupation: API Software Developser, Integration Manager

Feb 2012 - May 2012

Created a PHP-based API and coordinated the integration with existing software, in order to automatically upload aerial images and measurments through HTTP Post.

App Development | PHP | API | Project Management | Documentation Creation | Application Design | People Management

Hair Shop System in Copenhagen, Denmark

Occupation: Lead Software Developer

February 2011

Created a system for hair shops – Allowing hairstylers to publish photos of hair styles done by them on their website – creating accounts based on customers phone numbers – giving the customers access to manage their photos on the website. Taking shots in the hairshop was taken with wifi-enabled SD cards, automatically uploaded to the app and auto-refreshed, from where the employees of the hairshop could choose/rotate/crop and post the photos to an existing or new customer account.Used Bootstrap 3, Laravel 5 and Google Maps API

Application Design | PHP | MySQL | HTML | CSS | Codeigniter | Javascript | jQuery | jQuery UI

WordPress Development, Worldwide Clients

Occupation: Main Software Developer

Apr 2009 - Present

I have created multiple wordpress projects, ranging from simple presentation websites to complex admin customization, created to accomodate the customer’s exact needs, packaging everything up in a simple to use admin panel. Also, I am an expert in theme development, being involved in every step from the PSD slicing to custom admin theme settings pages and custom data types. Theme and Plugin development included SEO Optimization, analytics integration.

Wordpress General | PHP | JavaScript | jQuery | HTML | CSS | Wordpress Theme & Plugin Development

Backorder System for Car Part Store Chain, South Africa (Part 1)

Occupation: Software Developer

November 2007

Created a system backorder system for a chain of car parts, that kept track of customer part requests which were not in stock, and automatically notification for them via email & SMS when parts were in stock. Written in plan PHP at the time, but system worked great until 2015 when server updates made it obsolete and buggy.

PHP | HTML | CSS | MySQL | Database Design