About Me

Why a programmer? Because I love writing code. Every new project that brings a challenge is a great opportunity to learn new things and solve puzzles. I love challanges, the diversity of new projects and problem solving. Keeps things interesting.

I have been writing code for about 9 years now, started working on small projects on freelancer.com while in high school. It’s been a great experience for learning and talking to customers from different parts of the world. I’ve worked with people from almost all continents, and communicating through different language differences and cultures is fun, although sometimes it can be quite a pain!

Getting to know different people and their businesses has given me a better understanding of how business works and how to prioritize and determine the essential needs of a customer. Doing the right thing by asking the right questions first may save you a lot of time later. It’s not the customer’s job to think of everything. Working with people from different cultures has improved my communication skills, having learned the hard way that language barriers can get in the way of proving a point or describing details or needs. I am a hard working, honest individual, always willing to learn new skills. I am friendly, helpful and polite, have a good sense of humour. Solving problems is my thing, one of the main reasons why I love what I do.

Spoken Languages

I am born in Romania, so Romanian is my native language. I also speak fluent English, conversational-level Spanish, and a wee bit of French and German.


I love cars, like working on my car, either to fix or just tinkering, electronics – hardware and a bit of software engineering for platforms like arduino, atmel/pic microcontrollers, a little Raspberry Pi programming here and there, working on robots and drones, and of course, last but not least, buying stuff I don’t need off eBay.


Stefan Odobleja Informatics High School | Craiova, Romania — Computer skills diploma, Highschool (2007-2011)

Automatics, Computers and Electronics College | University of Craiova | Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia, software and hardware engineering (2011-2013)

Automatics, Computers and Electronics College | University of Craiova | Master’s Degree in Software Engineering (2013-2015)